Acreage Incorporation Bill Advances To Tallahassee

A local bill to allow Indian Trail Improvement District residents to vote on whether to incorporate as a municipality was unanimously approved by state legislators attending the Thursday, Jan. 12 gathering of the Palm Beach County Legislative Delegation at the Els Center of Excellence in Jupiter.

A similar bill failed in 2022 when it could not gain the full support of the delegation, particularly State Sen. Bobby Powell. However, Powell said Thursday that he was satisfied with the year-long “process” that Indian Trail had gone through before bringing the bill back for consideration, and he now believes it is time to put decision in the “hands of the community.”

ITID President Michael Johnson, who was on hand, said he believes the delegation made the right decision. “This will give the community the right to have a voice,” he said.

The vote by the local delegation is a critical step but only the first step in seeing the referendum approved. The local bill must still be passed by a majority vote in both houses of the Florida Legislature once the 2023 session begins in April, and then must be signed by the governor.

A “Safe Neighborhood/Safe Streets” bill that would have given ITID more control over some area roads and allowed the district to involve itself in the incorporation referendum was withdrawn.


  1. Your West Lake builder went to great lengths and big money to rezone a rural community. The investors should use their impact fees to meet the necessities of their communities, roads schools ect. Not just “amenities”. If they want to use OUR public roads and schools. Then we should have access to West Lake’s amenities AND their roads as a traffic cut through. Fair is fair.
    Ps. Wait till the builder finishes building then turns over the community to the HOA. The HOA fees will skyrocket.

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