Delmar Wish Program Makes Dreams Come True For KCF Families

Kids Cancer Foundation families enjoy a day at Delmar Farm.

Last holiday season, Claudia Campbell of Delmar Farm had an idea: what if she collected toys for the children at the Kids Cancer Foundation during the holiday celebration at her Loxahatchee farm?

That initiative morphed into another one: what if she had KCF kids visit for a special day at the farm? They’d have a chance to interact with many of the animals that live there: one TikTok famous cow, three barn cats, six donkeys, eight sheep, eight goats, 10 pigs, 10 dogs and 17 horses.

“I see the benefits of the interaction between children and animals,” Campbell said. “About 80 percent of our animals are rescues, and having them be loved on by these children, and vice versa, is such a wonderful connection.”

She connected with Michelle O’Boyle, founder and executive director at the Kids Cancer Foundation, and a plan was hatched.

Each month, a family is able to visit Delmar Farm, located near Lion Country Safari, and meet with the animals.

“It’s really whatever the child wants,” Campbell said. “If they want to ride a pony, they get to work with the miniature horses.”

The Kids Cancer Foundation chooses which families are invited to the farm based on their age, if the children like animals, and where they are in their treatment.

“We’ve had two families who have been able to go out to do it. They’ve enjoyed it. They’ve enjoyed seeing all of the animals,” O’Boyle said. “They can go out, on a day that works for them and is convenient, and see the different animals.”

At the farm, which is a nonprofit sanctuary, the children and their families are able to interact with the animals. They can brush and wash the minis, enjoy pony rides and interact with the farm animals. They can give them treats, and all the while, they’re learning about the animals.

“The kids love it,” Campbell said. “They’re eager, excited and loving — it’s just beautiful.”

Being able to visit the farm gives the children and their families a fun day that they wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

“I want families to come here and feel they’re at Disney World, but with animals,” Campbell said. “I want families to escape the stressful reality that they’re currently experiencing by leaving all their worries behind when they come through the farm’s gates. It’s so serene and so peaceful… It’s an escape from reality to come here, even if it’s for a brief moment.”

The difficulties families face when battling cancer aren’t foreign to Campbell, who lost her father to cancer. Less than three years ago, her children’s father also passed away from cancer.

“I’m no stranger to dealing with the battle, and I know how devastating it was to my daughters, so I felt this would be a really nice thing to offer to others, since I have the sanctuary already,” she said.

Campbell models the day after other special events offered at the farm, such as story time, mommy and me, special holiday events, summer camp and other special programs.

“I’m happy to collaborate with any other organizations that this would benefit,” she said. “It’s an amazing concept, and I want to be able to do more of this type of work, but I need help.”

Campbell has many volunteer opportunities available for those age 13 and older.

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