Eight Honored At CAFCI Student Assistance Awards

Students Miguel Benavente, Ethan Elliott, Marlena Hutchison, Shia Rozier, Jada Appolon and Ryan Rose.

CAFCI held its 30th annual Student Assistance Award ceremony on Saturday, June 17 at the original Wellington Mall. The award ceremony featured 2016 award recipient Ijahala Pottinger as keynote speaker, with an inspiring message for this year’s recipients. At the event, CAFCI congratulated this year’s eight recipients: Jada Appolon (Florida Memorial University), Ryan Rose (Drexel University), Marlena Hutchinson (University of Florida), Ethan Elliott (University of Florida), Marisha Civil (University of South Florida), Shia Rozier (North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University), Miguel Benavente (Florida Atlantic University) and Christy Pierre Louis (University of South Florida). For more information about CAFCI, visit www.cafcipbc.org.