OPINION: Equestrian Development? We Already Voted On This

Regarding the proposed equestrian development, I know I’m getting old, but I do seem to recall that the people of Wellington voted against developing acreage in the Equestrian Preserve Area, especially with increased density (100 current, to proposed 225). Add to this commercial development, and it is obviously a developer’s dream come true, but questionable for our quality of life and for our special equestrian population.

Truthfully, I appreciate Mr. [Douglas] McMahon’s adoration of our village, but what happened to the people’s voice, who determinedly voted “no” to previous development, which sounds quite similar to the current developer dreams, taking out 96 acres of the Equestrian Preserve Area? What part of “no” is so difficult to understand? The residents voted. Don’t elections mean anything anymore these days?

Oh, and I’m not impressed by the name dropping by Mr. McMahon.

I would like to thank Maureen Brennen, whose letter in the Town-Crier prompted my support and response.

Every city in our country had to fight the same platitudes/promises, and those that caved became traffic infested, little or no green space and the exact conditions Wellingtonians resolved to avoid. Wellington is loved because of our versatility: great sports, recreation and outstanding schools, a wonderful horse community, and not developing/paving over every bit of green space. To quote the Beatles, “Let it be!”

Our Wellington Village Council is well aware of the people’s mindset, so let us not favor more development over the people’s will. Support the people’s referendum. We said “no.”

George P. Unger, Wellington