Angee Lohmann Thrives As A Coach, Teacher, Athlete, Sports Fan And Mom

Angee Lohmann running in the Boston Marathon.

Wellington resident Angee Lohmann’s life has always revolved around sports. The same can be said of the lives of her husband Brian and their four children. For the Lohmann family, there has always been a practice to attend, a game to play, or a race to run.

Lohmann is an avid runner who has participated in every Walt Disney World Marathon since 2006. Her interest in competitive athletics started when she was a student at Glades Day School in the early 1980s. She was a cheerleader in the fall, played basketball in the winter and was a member of the softball team in the spring. On the basketball court, her nickname was “Mad Dog.” She was an intense competitor, and still is.

Lohmann’s sporting life continued during her collegiate days as a student at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

“At FSU, I played almost everything in intramurals,” she recalled. “I played flag football, basketball, softball, bowling and putt-putt golf. My sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, won the intramural championship one year.”

She graduated from FSU in 1987 and married Brian Lohmann, a 1988 graduate of the University of Florida, in November 1990. As you would expect, he was also athletically inclined. He played high school football — as a running back, quarterback, and defensive back — at Glades Day School under the legendary coach Byron Walker. Back in the early 1990s, Brian was an avid softball player. He was and remains a talented tennis player.

When Brian and Angee became parents, they shared their passion for an athletically inclined lifestyle with their children, all of whom played sports.

According to Lohmann, playing sports has reaped dividends for everybody in her family.

“Sports teaches and fosters responsibility, commitment and dedication,” said Lohmann, who ran a half-marathon while pregnant with her youngest child, Hana, in January 2005.

Brianna, their oldest daughter, played soccer, softball and was a cheerleader at Glades Day School. She later played softball at Dartmouth College. Daughter Lizzy played high school volleyball, soccer and softball at Glades Day School. Son Rett was a three-sport athlete at Glades Day School, where he played football, soccer and baseball. The youngest child, Hana, played volleyball, soccer and ran track at Glades Day School.

Hana, who graduated this May, will be attending Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville this fall, where she will pursue a degree in interdisciplinary studies and play for the women’s soccer team.

“My husband and I will be making many road trips to watch Hana play college soccer this fall,” Lohmann said.

Hana played seven years of varsity girls soccer at Glades Day School, as she started playing for the varsity team, coached by her mother, beginning in the sixth grade.

While Brian and Angee have been busy supporting their children in their many athletic endeavors, Angee has also discovered an interest in coaching. Since 2006, she has coached many athletic teams at Glades Day School — middle school girls basketball, varsity cross country, varsity girls soccer, and girls varsity track and field.

It’s a trend that is not slowing down any time soon, as Lohmann’s life continues to be focused on athletics and the students she instructs at Glades Day School, where she also teaches journalism, world geography and introduction to computers.

Despite the fact that all their children have graduated from high school, Lohmann is committed to continuing as a coach at Glades Day School, coaching soccer in the winter and track in the spring.

She is also committed to continuing to run marathons to stay fit, while carving out time to lead an active lifestyle with her husband, as they both enjoy playing golf and pickleball together these days.