Attorney Gregg Lerman Running To Be County’s Next State Attorney

Gregg Lerman

Attorney Gregg Lerman has filed to run for state attorney in the 15th Judicial Circuit serving Palm Beach County.

Anticipating that incumbent State Attorney Dave Aronberg might be planning to step down and not run for a fourth term, Lerman filed his paperwork in early May to open a campaign to run for the seat in the upcoming 2024 election cycle as a Democrat.

A lawyer in Palm Beach County for almost 40 years, primarily as a defense attorney, Lerman believes that his experience makes him the best candidate for the job.

“In my job, I deal with many of the prosecutors and dedicated employees at the State Attorney’s Office every day,” Lerman said. “Right off the bat, I do want to say that the current Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office is doing some great work, but, as with most government offices, there is always need for, and room for, improvement. There are problems at the office that would best be addressed by an outsider with a fresh perspective, as opposed to any current Aronberg staffers moving up the ladder.”

As the fourth-largest county in Florida, Palm Beach County has its fair share of criminal activity, Lerman noted. The primary role of the state attorney is to serve as the prosecutor, representing the people of Florida in the criminal courts. Another role of the office is to help prevent crime from happening, he added. When crime does happen, the people of Florida demand and deserve swift justice, Lerman explained, but “justice for all” is not just about prosecuting.

As in any large county, mental health issues often contribute to drug addiction and crime. Lerman himself has lost friends and relatives to drugs and addiction. He believes that the State Attorney’s Office should be a strong, countywide partner with law enforcement, healthcare providers, nonprofits, the school system, houses of worship and others to help improve early intervention efforts and decrease the negative consequences, like homelessness and the crime rate.

Lerman said that he would be talking a lot during his campaign about his ideas for improvement in this area, including “working out a plan to better implement the Drug Court and also to find support and funding to re-open the Eagle Academy,” a facility in Belle Glade for at-risk teens between 13 and 16 years of age that was closed due to budget cuts more than 20 years ago.

Another key focus for Lerman will be fraud against the county’s large and growing senior citizen community. Fraud is the most common form of elder abuse, he noted, impacting many seniors. The National Council on Aging estimates that older Americans lose $2.9 billion yearly to financial scams and fraud.

“We must do a better job of protecting our seniors, and all county residents, from fraud and work to prevent, identify and solve these crimes,” Lerman said, adding that sometimes family members or advisors take financial advantage.

The Federal Trade Commission reports that people over 60 are more likely to be scammed, and they often are embarrassed to come forward as victims. Lerman stressed that the State Attorney’s Office needs to better educate and advocate for senior citizens so that they are not taken advantage of.

“My only opponent in the race, so far, also mentioned this area of need in her campaign announcement, but I would ask her why she hasn’t made this a priority in her role as a leader in the State Attorney’s Office currently,” Lerman said. “Why wait 18 months until after the election winner is sworn in? Our seniors need this help now.”

Those are just a few of the issues and opportunities that Lerman will be talking about on the campaign trail in the months leading up to the August 2024 primary election.

“You can learn more and see my biography online at,” he said. “I truly appreciate your support as we kick off this new chapter in Palm Beach County.”

Lerman is one of two candidates who have filed to run for the position as of now. The other is Aronberg’s current deputy chief assistant, Alexcia Cox, also a Democrat. The filing deadline is in April 2024.