Get Expert Computer Help At PC Pros Of Wellington, Now Under New Ownership

Paul and Georgette Berndt of PC Pros of Wellington.

PC Pros of Wellington, located in the original Wellington Mall, where businesses and individuals can get full-service Macintosh and PC repairs, is under new ownership. The husband-and-wife team of Paul and Georgette Berndt took over as of mid-May.

“I’ve been in IT [information technology] for 33 years, and we’ve owned NetVPro for 13 years,” Paul said.

They came to South Florida prior to the pandemic from Minnesota and immediately wanted to get involved in the community and meet new people.

“We’re just here to help,” he said.

As a family with small children, Paul and Georgette know just how valuable those countless photos and videos of their children growing up truly are.

That’s why they’re sure to share what they do in the Wellington mom’s group on Facebook.

“Being part of the mom’s group is really great because it helps connect you to other moms in the community. I’ve learned a lot, and it’s a great resource,” Georgette said.

But one thing she has seen is that not everyone is as diligent as they should be in taking care of their phones.

“I’ve seen how people don’t back up their phones as much as they should, and as a mom, you don’t want to lose all the precious pictures of your little ones,” she said.

Backing up phones and computers on a regular schedule is one of the core focuses at PC Pros.

“People’s data security is really utmost in our minds,” Paul said. “We offer our recommended backup solution and antivirus, protecting people from hacking.”

If a hacker ever asks for ransom, Paul suggests calling his company for advice and not paying a ransom. “We’re here. We’re a knowledge resource,” he said.

And for both businesses and individuals, he suggests backing up all devices daily, either overnight for a computer or in the afternoon, and setting things to back up automatically.

“Computers are so interesting. Computers are there to make our lives better, and they really have, but people kind of forget and take them for granted,” Paul said.

Cell phones can be used for checking e-mail, signing documents, taking photos and so much more — all from a small device that can fit in your pocket.

On Facebook, PC Pros is offering a digital coupon that can be shown on your phone, or if preferred, printed.

Of the many services they offer, upgrading slow computers is often a problem that they can solve quickly for customers. Whether it is updating older technology and going from a spinning hard drive to a solid-state hard drive, computers can go from taking a few minutes to boot up to a few seconds.

“And it doesn’t really cost all that much,” Paul said. “For about $200, you get your data moved over and a faster hard drive put in, and now you can breathe more life into your computer, and you don’t need a new computer right away. It can last you almost 10 years just by putting a new hard drive into an older computer.”

With so much aging technology, PC Pros is also able to take donations of old computers and technology to donate or recycle.

“So, either way, it won’t go to waste,” Paul said. “We’ll make sure it gets the data erased, and it gets donated to a good place or recycled.”

Recently, Paul attended a conference and learned about Human-I-T, which focuses on providing opportunities to communities with less access to technology while diverting usable technology from landfills. “You could just drop it off with us, and we will contact Human I-T for you and get them donated,” Paul said.

And when the team at PC Pros of Wellington isn’t upgrading computers, they also offer on-site business computer repairs, in-store computer repairs, motherboard repairs, data recovery and IT support.

PC Pros of Wellington is located at 12794 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 1B, in the original Wellington Mall. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook @pcproswellington. To contact them, e-mail or call (561) 420-0554.