Magic Show Fundraiser At Palm Beach Central

Eli’s family, Christopher, Rachel, June and Lucy Paine.


On Saturday, Sept. 9, a special fundraiser dedicated to the late Eli Paine — Eli the Brave’s Birthday Benefit — was held in the auditorium at Palm Beach Central High School.

Eli Paine loved to dance, play jokes and have fun with his parents and two sisters. When he was five years old, he was diagnosed with DIPG, a brain tumor that forms in the brainstem of young children. After battling for two years, he passed away last year at age seven.

Eli’s parents, Rachel and Christopher Paine, held the benefit on what would have been his eighth birthday to raise money for DIPG research. Eli’s older sister June made shirts with beautiful rainbows in his memory. The event was also held during September, which is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

The day featured a magic show by Peter Boie, a childhood friend of Eli’s father, who gave a fantastic performance. Multiple audience members had the opportunity to participate in the show, both adults and children. When the show ended, raffle prizes were given to those who had the winning tickets.

After the show, a dance party was held outside the auditorium for the children in attendance.