New Genbu-Kai Black Belt Honored

Sensei Keith Moore with new black belt Taiga Ramsey.

Genbu-Kai Karate is proud to announce the advancement of another adult student to the rank of black belt.

Taiga Ramsey advanced to the rank of Karate Shodan Ho (probationary first degree black belt). This initial level recognizes a student’s achievement, and they are presented with a plain black belt with no writing. Six months to a year later, students are awarded with their full black belt advancement, which includes a black belt with their name on one end, and the organization’s names embroidered on the other end in Japanese Kanji. This level also includes their menjo (certificate).

Ramsey began his training April 12, 2012, in the junior karate program and advanced to first kyu, last level before junior black (red) belt. Due to his age, Ramsey advanced into the adult program in July 2018.

This past July, Ramsey traveled with Sensei Keith Moore to a Genbu-Kai event weekend held in Minnesota, where he tested for this rank. Ramsey follows in his older brother Kota’s footsteps, who made junior black (red) belt in 2017, and he received his adult black belt in October 2022.

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