Local Restaurant Agliolio Wins At Best Of Florida Awards

The family-owned Italian eatery Agliolio, with locations in Wellington and Boynton Beach, recently received top honors at the Best of Florida Awards, an annual event presented by GuidetoFlorida.com.

A step into Agliolio is akin to entering a realm where every dish has a story, and where Italian-American tradition is served with a fresh perspective. Beyond the accolades and titles, the real testament to Agliolio’s authenticity is the outpouring of love and votes from loyal patrons. This recognition is based on genuine customer experiences and connections.

Every plate at Agliolio echoes commitment to quality and consistency. Whether it’s the tantalizing aroma of California-grown heirloom garlic, the rich texture of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, or the handmade charm of the 100 percent Semolina pasta, there’s a touch of magic in every bite. This includes the innovative “Impasta” selections for those seeking wheat-free options. From the diverse menu, guests can also savor dishes made from all-natural chicken, fresh Dutch veal and grass-fed beef. Guests can also choose from a selection of wild-caught seafood or relish the freshness of locally sourced produce.

The ethos of Agliolio is best summed up by Stefani Eberhart, daughter of the restaurant’s founders. “Our singular focus is, and has always been, on impressing each guest, every visit with our scratch-made food and drinks, served with a smile by our professional team in our clean, comfortable dining rooms,” Eberhart said. “Our food is approachable, and our menu customizable, featuring recipes that we’re proud to share, personalized to accommodate our guests’ individual tastes and preferences, and offered at value-oriented casual dining prices.

In today’s culinary landscape, where trends come and go, Agliolio stands as a beacon of tradition infused with innovation. A visit is not just about savoring a meal; it’s about embarking on a journey, a blend of flavors, heritage and the indomitable American spirit of enterprise.

Agliolio is located at 12793 W. Forest Hill Blvd. in Wellington and 2258 N. Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach. Learn more at www.agliolio.com.