Third Annual ‘Tip A Waiter’ Luncheon Spreads Holiday Cheer

Hope Barron (center) and friends with the staff from Don Ramon Cuban Restaurant.

In a heartwarming display of generosity and gratitude, Wellington resident Hope Barron organized the third annual “Tip a Waiter” luncheon on Friday, Dec. 8 at Don Ramon Cuban Restaurant in Wellington.

This year’s event, attended by 26 friends and colleagues, marked the largest turnout yet, bringing the community together to surprise a deserving waiter with the tip of a lifetime.

The inspiration for the event dates back to the challenging times of the pandemic. “Going on its third year, this idea sprung up during the pandemic of 2020 where everyone was just really feeling the crunch,” Barron explained.

The concept was simple yet profound: friends gather for a holiday luncheon, each covering their own meal expenses, and contributing $100 to create a substantial tip for a hardworking waiter or waitress. Even five people who did not attend contributed $100 each to make the pot even bigger. It was Barron’s way of acknowledging and appreciating those who provide daily service with a smile.

This year, the festive gathering took on a Latin flair at Don Ramon. The generosity extended beyond the waiter, involving the entire restaurant staff. Barron, along with her friends, invited the kitchen staff, maître d’ and bus staff to the table, expressing gratitude for the delightful Cuban cuisine they enjoyed.

Each staff member was gifted $100. The pinnacle of the surprise came when the waiter, unsuspecting of what awaited him, was handed a whopping $2,200 tip.

Overwhelmed and beyond grateful, the waiter’s reaction touched the hearts of everyone present. Later, it was revealed that he sent the entire tip to his mother in Honduras, adding an extra layer of warmth and compassion to the occasion.

As the event concluded, Barron expressed her thanks for everyone who attended and committed to keeping this heartwarming tradition going, ensuring that the “Tip a Waiter” luncheon continues to spread holiday cheer and appreciation for those who make dining experiences special. In a world often marked by challenges, acts of kindness like these remind us of the power of community and the joy that can be found in giving.