’Twas The Week Before Christmas… And Company Is Coming!


Twas the week before Christmas (or just a bit more),
And, despite all my planning, I’m back at the store.
My “Shop Early!” mantra has just given ’way,
To the dim realization, I’ll shop anyway.

There are simply a few things that I had forgot,
And then there are more gifts that need to be bought.
More guests than I’d scheduled decided to stay,
And all are arriving before The Big Day.

Yes, Justin! Yes, Thomas! Yes, Mary and Lou!
I certainly have beds to fit all of you!
Are you bringing the children? “Of course!” they all say.
“Did you think they’d be ‘Home Alone’ Christmas Day?”

So, I hop in my car and head straight for the mall,
’Cuz Santa and I will remember them all,
With gifts near the tree and socks hung from the mantel,
It’s fun and not more than I think I can handle.

There’s breakfast and lunchtime and dinner (snacks, too),
Times the number of days that I get to host you.
You’re staying ’til New Years? Well, isn’t that ducky!
How did one person end up quite so lucky?

I race to my car with the presents piled high,
The grocery store beckons, there’s no time to cry.
There’s no parking here, there’s no parking there…
(Well, I need a long walk and a breath of fresh air.)

My cart is soon filled to the brim with good stuff,
Like ham, sweet potatoes and marshmallow fluff,
And bakery and wine and some holiday cheer…
(’Cuz nothing says Christmas like pretzels and beer.)

My credit card sizzles — it’s done for the day,
I unload the car and missed no one, I pray.
The airport is next up, but not until Monday,
And Tuesday and Thursday and even next Sunday.

…It’s Christmas Eve now and they’re snug in their beds,
Visions of sugarplums loose in their heads.
I sit with my wine, and I look at my tree,
And I thank God for bringing them all here to me.

I like that they feel they are welcome to come here,
I like that they think I am comfy to be near,
I like that they know they can come on a dime,
That my door is quite open to them all the time.

’Cuz these are my people — we grew up together,
We brave the wide world and, at Christmas, we gather,
To laugh, to remember, to celebrate life,
To miss those who once were a part of the strife.

To hug and to kiss and to share all our love,
To give thanks (’cuz it’s due) to our Lord up above.
Goodbyes are all said. “We will do it again!”
And I know that they will… hope they can ’til the end.

Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays and
Happy New Year from your
friends at the Sonic Boomer!