Wellington Resident Larry Alva Publishes New Book

The cover of Larry Alva’s new book Assassins.

Longtime Wellington resident Larry Alva recently published Assassins, the inaugural tale in the “Lake Worth Mysteries” series. It is a compelling fusion of historical intrigue and contemporary suspense.

The narrative traverses the lush landscapes of Florida, bridging the chasm between the past and the present with a masterful touch. The novel commences with a prologue steeped in the year 1838, where we meet Aloyisus James, an escaped slave forging a new existence among the Seminoles. This historical backdrop is not merely a setting but the cornerstone of the saga that unfolds, as James claims a piece of Florida that will bear significance centuries later.

Fast forward to the present day, and the stage is set in Lake Worth, where the lives of a diverse ensemble of characters converge. Ralph Graham, a lawyer of considerable repute, and his wife Phyllis, a model of Ukrainian descent, stand at the forefront of a narrative that is as much about their lives as it is about the city they inhabit. They are joined by Jack Price and Anna Henderson, retired from the FBI and DEA, respectively, who now ply their trade as private investigators. Their paths cross with a host of other vividly drawn characters, each adding depth and color to the tapestry of this Floridian mystery. The tranquility of Lake Worth is shattered when a celebration aboard Ralph Graham’s yacht is catastrophically cut short by a blaze, an event that serves as the catalyst for the ensuing mystery.

Alva’s knowledge of Florida is the undercurrent that gives Assassins its sense of place. His background, rich with experiences as an engineer, manager and a life lived in Florida’s embrace, informs the narrative’s authenticity.

Alva’s narrative craft promises more than just a series; it offers a window into the soul of a community. As the first in the “Lake Worth Mysteries,” Assassins sets a high bar, leaving readers eager for the next chapter in this intriguing saga.

The book is published by Amazon Publishing Inc. and is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats. Learn more at https://a.co/d/9doqD5u.