OPINION: Bellissimo Wants Yet Another Bite Of The Equestrian Preserve Apple

It seems like only a few years ago, Mark Bellissimo and his cadre (paid employees/friends etc.) were disparaging our elected leaders, insulting our village staff, whilst he would initiate construction without permits and host numerous “violations” on his properties.

Mr. Bellissimo has not shown himself to be a good neighbor, nor a developer that we should trust.

The people of Wellington said “enough,” and we had a referendum, and by 80 percent majority, told him, “No dissecting the equestrian preserve, no hotels and strip malls in our equestrian preserve, and no more congestion and traffic.” I say “our equestrian preserve” because he seems to think it is his playground, not unlike many elitists and developers who seem to think they can bully the people.

This time he brings more money (allegedly) some pretty faces (Hollywood/sports types) and takes out expensive advertisements.

Have you noticed that most everything nowadays has a three-letter abbreviation? Dutifully, Bellissimo has his “WLP” for Wellington Lifestyle Partners — how fitting. It sounds so cozy, but it’s really just another consortium to make profits for its investors at our expense!

The history of Florida is of overbuilding, promises not kept, congestion and traffic. I would beg you not to allow this to happen in our beautiful village and our magnificent equestrian preserve. More is most times not better, and developers have tried every device and lie to get their mitts on land to cover with cement.

In my opinion, Mr. Bellissimo has been a bane to Wellington and to our elected leaders and staff. He has been a poor neighbor in following village code and was the prime reason for years of animosity and bellicose statements. Oh, and lawsuits and/or threats thereof! I do not appreciate how he has conducted himself in Wellington in his financial pursuits, and I must be truthful here, I sighed with relief when he left here to pursue his equestrian pursuits to North Carolina.

Sadly, just like a bad penny, he’s back for another bite of our apple!

Our Wellington Village Council (minus Michael Napoleone) have decided to ignore the people’s 80 percent referendum in the recent past and move Mr. Bellissimo’s plans forward.

What a travesty of democracy, ignoring a vast majority of the people in Wellington.

I, for one, will never vote for anyone who has such a disdain for their constituency (Gerwig, McGovern, Drahos and Siskind). They are traitors to the people’s will and actual referendum!

What is the cost to offer Bellissimo’s plans to us with another referendum, or are they scared of the possible results?

Democracy starts here at the local level, not in D.C., and our council, if nothing else, is deaf to its people.

George P. Unger, Wellington