Enduring Hearts And Essential Candy Partner For Heart Month

Purchases of Essential Candy’s Happy Heart Blend will support the nonprofit Enduring Hearts.

Enduring Hearts, the only national nonprofit solely funding research benefiting pediatric heart transplant recipients, recently announced a new partnership with Wellington-based Essential Candy, a holistic candy company focused on creating all-natural, healthy hard candy infused with pure essential oils and plant botanicals to promote health and well-being.

Throughout the month of February, nationally recognized as “heart month,” the partnership will raise awareness and critical funding for pediatric heart transplant research.

Since Enduring Hearts’ inception in 2013, the organization has invested more than $10 million in pediatric heart transplant research thanks to its partners, collaborators and donors.

“In honor of Heart Month, Enduring Hearts is thrilled to partner with Essential Candy, where 15 percent of every Happy Heart Blend bag purchased during February will benefit Enduring Hearts’ mission to increase longevity and improve the quality of life for children living with transplanted hearts through research and family support programs,” Enduring Hearts CEO Lynda Lee Smith said.

Tracy Ernst, founder of Essential Candy, is thrilled with the new partnership.

“Essential Candy is honored to join forces with Enduring Hearts in this impactful partnership for Heart Month. Our commitment to promoting health and well-being aligns seamlessly with Enduring Hearts’ mission to improve the quality of life for pediatric heart transplant recipients,” Ernst said. “Together, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of these resilient children and contribute to the vital research supported by Enduring Hearts. Let’s sweeten the journey of these young hearts with love and holistic well-being.”

Purchases of Essential Candy’s Happy Heart Blend can be made at www.essentialcandy.com/products/happy-heart.


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