Foundation Grants $11,000 To Help Arts At Wellington Schools

WCF Board Members With Principals — Maggie Zeller, Joanna Boynton, Wellington Elementary School Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan, Palm Beach Central High School Principal Reginald Myers, Binks Forest Elementary School Principal Michella Levy, Elbridge Gale Elementary School art teacher Dr. Nicole Crane, Don Gross, Emerald Cove Middle School Principal Dr. Eugina Smith Feaman, Barry Manning, Polo Park Middle School Principal Dr. Jennifer Galindo, Panther Run Elementary School Principal Edilia De La Vega, Jim Sackett, Polo Park Middle School Assistant Principal Annjeanette Munnings, Dr. Gordon Johnson, Wellington High School Principal Cara Hayden, Wellington Landings Middle School Principal Lindsay Ingersoll, Herta Suess, Michael Gauger and Pam Tahan.

By Shannon Anastasio

On Friday, Feb. 9, the Wellington Community Foundation invited all 11 Wellington schools to the annual “Our Schools” grant breakfast event, dedicated to honoring the principals from all 11 public schools serving the Wellington community.

Hosted by Wellington Regional Medical Center, the event had the foundation’s board of directors in attendance, including WCF Chair Barry Manning, Vice Chair Jim Sackett, and directors Michael Gauger, Pam Tahan, Maggie Zeller, Joanna Boynton, Dr. Gordon Johnson and Herta Suess.

The highlight was the presentation of $11,000 by the WCF board to support the fine arts departments across all 11 schools through the “Our Schools” grant program. This year’s allocation underscored the foundation’s commitment to fostering creativity and artistic development among Wellington’s youth.

Opening the event, Manning welcomed the principals and school representatives. He emphasized the foundation’s overarching mission to serve seniors, children and veterans, expressing admiration for the public school system as a vital component of community development.

Each school representative was invited to share how they plan to utilize the grant money throughout their fine arts departments. Many shared exciting new initiatives, while others expressed their gratitude for making upgrades and repairs to existing art department items.

After they heard from all 11 schools, WCF Executive Director Dawn Rivera shared news about plans underway for the foundation’s first Teacher Appreciation Brunch to be held in August to celebrate Wellington’s teachers and assist with classroom supplies for the 2024-25 school year.

“We are very excited to launch this new event,” said WCF Board Member Maggie Zeller, chair of the Children’s Committee. “We want to be sure to get the much-needed school supplies that underserved students may need throughout the year in the hands of the teachers who actually serve them daily.”

The event was meticulously organized by Wellington Regional Medical Center CEO Pam Tahan and her team, ensuring every detail was perfect. The breakfast spread featured a delectable array of options, including made-to-order omelets, bacon, sausage, kielbasa, an assortment of fruit and a variety of beverages, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the attendees to enjoy.

Reflecting on the history of the “Our Schools” grant program, Manning highlighted the foundation’s consistent support for various educational initiatives over the past eight years. This year’s focus on fine arts was made possible through the generosity of numerous donors and sponsors.

“The foundation takes pride in championing our local schools and empowering students to excel in the arts,” Manning said, underscoring the importance of community collaboration in nurturing young talent.

To learn more about this grant project and other foundation initiatives, visit the Wellington Community Foundation at