Author Celebrates Debut Novel At Auction Party For Diabetes Awareness

Gabriella Bianchini with her daughter, Giovanna, age 6.

Back in 2014, Gabriella Bianchini raised $5,200 for the Diabetes Research Institute through a 30th birthday auction party.

Now, 10 years later, Bianchini recently hosted another auction fundraiser to celebrate the release of her debut novel, a fairy tale about diabetes, as well as her 40th birthday.

With the diagnosis of her brother in 2006, and then her daughter in 2020, Bianchini has devoted her life to raising awareness for Type 1 diabetes.

“I prioritized positive reframing and told Giovanna that her insulin pump gave her special powers,” Bianchini said. “I used the analogy of a mouse connected to a computer, like how the insulin pump is connected to my daughter.”

Writing a bedtime story about Type 1 diabetes was the only way she could imagine telling two-year-old Giovanna about her diagnosis. Something that started out as shedding light on a situation was soon transformed into a fantasy novel.

Gwennie’s Gift was self-published by Bianchini last November and can be purchased through Amazon. This fantasy novel will empower and encourage resilience in those who are battling diabetes.

Bianchini’s career path shifted from photographer to author after her daughter’s diagnosis.

“It was easy for me to write this book since I was able to transcend my energy from experiences with other creative outlets,” Bianchini said. “I devoted my life to diabetes after my brother, Gianni, was diagnosed, and even more so when I heard the news about Giovanna.”

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