G Star School Of The Arts Expands To Add Middle School

G Star School of the Arts has been approved to expand and is now accepting applications for grades six through 12 beginning in August 2024.

G Star is the only school in Palm Beach County to offer a comprehensive arts program from sixth to 12th grade. Enrollment is now open to accept middle school students for the 2024-25 school year by applying online at www.gstarschool.org.

“We have experienced a tremendous demand to expand our program to middle school,” G Star Principal Kim Collins said. “Offering opportunities to students as early as sixth grade in classes such as film, 3-D animation, acting and our Cambridge/AICE program will better prepare them for high school, college and ultimately a rewarding career in the arts.”

G Star’s admission policy is different than other arts schools in the area. Because the school is a public charter school, all students are eligible to attend and there are no auditions for entry. G Star also allows students to explore a variety of opportunities instead of requiring them to choose a track in which they will be required to stay for the duration of their educational career.

“We’ve always given our students options to choose a pathway, but we do not mandate that they stay in that field if it doesn’t interest them as much as they thought it would,” Collins said. “Students at this age are still learning what their passion is, and we never want to inhibit their creativity, especially now that we are welcoming middle school students.”

G Star is located at 2030 S. Congress Avenue in Palm Springs and shares its campus with G Star Studios, a 50,000-square-foot complete motion picture sound stage that is a copy of Warner Bros. in Burbank, California. It is also convertible to a theater for an 850-person audience for live performances and world premiere films. G Star students are often eligible to support major productions to apply real-life applications to what they’ve learned in the classroom.

G Star School of the Arts is part of the Charter Schools USA Inc. (CSUSA) family of schools and is governed by G Star School of the Arts Inc., which includes local community leaders who volunteer their expertise to provide excellent educational options for students.