Speak Up For Kids Announces Expansion Of Services

Speak Up For Kids, an organization whose mission is to champion the best interests of Palm Beach County’s foster children, recently announced the expansion of its service offerings to better identify and support foster children’s needs through enhanced programs, innovative events and strong community partnerships.

“Our services are expanding, but our organization’s commitment to the children we serve is unwavering,” said Coleen LaCosta, executive director of Speak Up For Kids. “Through our expanded services, we aim to offer more comprehensive support, tailored to the specific needs of each child. Our new initiatives are designed to address educational, emotional, developmental and daily needs, ensuring that all children in foster care in our county will have every opportunity to thrive and feel a sense of normalcy in their lives.”

Through strategic community partnerships with corporations and other organizations, along with individual donations and sponsorships, Speak Up For Kids will be able to continue providing essential services, tangible needs and ongoing support for children in the foster system, including those living in foster homes and temporary shelters, and strengthen their outreach and offerings through important collaborations.

Speak Up For Kids’ partners include ChildNet, the Children’s Home Society, the Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association, the Florida Coalition for our Children, the Florida School Board, and numerous local businesses, volunteers, nonprofit organizations and community members.

The expansion translates to the growth of existing programs, including Flourishing Futures, which celebrates milestones such as graduation; Embrace Kids, which provides everything from necessities like clothing, food and extracurricular activity support to emotional support; Gift-A-Birthday (many of the foster children have never had the simple joy of a birthday party); Students Speak Up for Kids program; and more, as well as the introduction of new initiatives, such as the Speak Up For Kids Life Skills Portal, created for teenagers who are about to age out of the system.

“We are proud of our roots in the GAL program and our role in advocating for foster children’s rights and well-being,” LaCosta said. “Our expanded services are a testament to our dedication to not just advocate for, but also directly impact and empower the lives of these incredible children. We invite the community to join us in this important work.”

The organization is open to partnerships that will enhance their reach and support for Palm Beach County’s foster youth. For more information about Speak Up For Kids, visit www.speakupforkidspbc.org.