Local Author Dr. David Samore Publishes Amazon Bestseller

Dr. David Samore

Dr. David Samore, a local entrepreneur and leadership consultant based in Wellington, recently published a No. 1 bestselling book on Amazon. True Leadership: The 10 Universal Laws hit No. 1 in Business Ethics shortly after it was released in February.

Samore, an award-winning leader in public and private enterprise, wrote True Leadership to help leaders from any industry capture the perennial realities that are fundamental to creating exceptional leadership. The book guides any experienced or aspiring leader through the essential tenets that create and nurture success in any workplace.

Recognized as Florida Principal of the Year in 2015 and Florida Administrator of the Year in 2008, Spain’s King Felipe VI awarded Samore the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Isabel La Católica in 2020 for his extensive work bridging cultures between Spain and the United States.

True Leadership is Samore’s second book, following his first effort, Ecstatic Doom: The Adult’s Guide to Middle Schoolers, which was met with critical acclaim.

In response to the alarmingly high incidents of violence enacted by males in the U.S., Samore has committed to writing a third book, entitled Avoiding Titanic: What Schools Can Do to Save the Sinking American Male, expected to be available in early 2025.