RPB Board Approves Site Plan For Jabrewski’s Pizza Co. Location

Since the Dunkin’ Donuts moved north from 1301 Royal Palm Beach Blvd., and the old building demolished, a vacant lot has stood waiting for a new life — and that could come in the form of a Royal Palm Beach outlet of a popular Acreage-area restaurant.

A proposal in front of the Royal Palm Beach Planning & Zoning Commission on Tuesday, March 26 introduced a new 4,000-square-foot restaurant for Jabrewski’s Pizza Co., restructuring the parcel’s previously approved site plan after the approval of the adjacent Lakeside Landings residential development.

George Missimer with the architectural firm Cotleur & Hearing provided a quick comparison from the new site plan and its predecessor.

“We’re substantially reducing the building square footage, increasing green space and the surrounding buffers, as well as enhancing the landscape. Overall, a large improvement to this site as it exists,” Missimer said.

The plan reduces pavement widths while still using existing access points. The goal is to preserve established trees and add more trees to the site.

The modified site plan was approved, along with a landscape waiver request presented immediately after. Staff agreed with the applicant’s justification for the requests that none of the parcel is residential property, and both applications were approved unanimously.

As the final request was approved, Commission Chair Adam Miller added, “I want to thank you for keeping the trees that are already there.”

In other business:

  • During the Local Planning Agency meeting, the Primrose School continued moving toward completion of its commitment to the village after purchasing property at 6846 Seminole Palms Drive. Just under a quarter of an acre of land is set to be rezoned from public ownership (PO) to industrial general (IG), so the facility can add parking spaces. The request was approved unanimously.
  • With full support from both the committee and staff, Paint Lux, an auto repair shop, plans to update the monument signage at 500 Royal Plaza Road. The word “collision” will be added to the sign.
  • Both the master plan and site plan for a school coming to the Tuttle Royale project located on the south side of Southern Blvd. west of State Road 7 required a slight modification.

The description of the educational facility was listed as “charter school” in the plans, but that designation is not technically in the code. It will instead be listed as a “public and private academic institution.”

“This is a simple change to take out the word ‘charter’ because that’s not in the code. We are going straight to the code language because this was on the resolution and the master plan. Same with the site plan,” explained Gunster attorney Brian Seymour on behalf of the applicant.

The commissioners had no issues and approved the text changes.