Cub Scout Pack 125 Helps In Efforts To Beautify Wellington

Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 125 take part in cleanup and beautification efforts at Olympia Park.

Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 125, sponsored by the Wellington Rotary Club, have once again showcased their dedication to community betterment through the successful completion of a transformative service project aimed at enhancing the local environment. Inspired by the leadership of Cubmaster Stephanie King, the Year of Giving initiative continues its streak of success, this time partnering with the Village of Wellington to make a tangible difference.

Under the dedicated guidance of Erica Wilcox of the Lion Den, comprising kindergarten-aged scouts, they were selected to assist with the Village of Wellington’s Great American Cleanup and Arbor Day celebrations.

As part of the Great American Cleanup initiative, the young scouts took on the task of cleaning up Olympia Park, leaving it refreshed and free from litter. With enthusiasm and dedication, the scouts meticulously combed the park, collecting trash and debris, ensuring that the environment remained clean and inviting for all residents to enjoy. Their efforts were bolstered by the support of the community and deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office assigned to the Village of Wellington.

Recognizing the importance of environmental preservation, Cub Scout Pack 125 took the opportunity to contribute to the community’s greenery by planting more than 100 trees joined by more than 30 scouts, leaders and parents. This act of environmental stewardship not only beautified the area but will also provide a lasting impact for future generations. The scouts demonstrated their dedication to sustainability and their understanding of the valuable role trees play in creating a healthier planet.

Adding a touch of natural wonder to their service project, the scouts released butterflies into the wild. This act not only captivated the imagination of the young scouts but also served as a valuable lesson in the importance of biodiversity and the delicate balance of nature. By releasing these beautiful creatures, the scouts actively contributed to the preservation of local ecosystems.

The successful culmination of this service project was made possible through a partnership with the Village of Wellington, the leadership of Cubmaster Stephanie King and the guidance of Lion Den Leader Erica Wilcox.


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