Human-Animal Alliance Sponsors Rescue Ponies At Tomorrow’s Rainbow

Abby Mosher of Tomorrow’s Rainbow with Jackie Ducci of the Human-Animal Alliance.

Wellington-based charity the Human-Animal Alliance recently announced its sponsorship of two mini rescue ponies, Rocky and River, at Tomorrow’s Rainbow, a place for children, teens and families healing from the death of a loved one.

“Sponsorship such as this is vital for the care of our horses, such as River and Rocky. These ponies were recently rescued and are now taking part in therapeutic activities for children both on and off site,” said Abby Mosher, founder and executive director of Tomorrow’s Rainbow, based in Coconut Creek. “We are grateful to the Human-Animal Alliance, whose core mission aligns with ours in realizing the value of equine therapy in helping people to heal from grief and trauma.”

River and Rocky are a bonded pair that were rescued to be a part of the mobile programs, Grief on the Go and Tomorrow’s Rainbow Coping Academy. The entire herd of equine, big and small, at Tomorrow’s Rainbow is rescued — an important part of the nonprofit’s values.

The sponsorship program at Tomorrow’s Rainbow provides funding for the care of the therapy horses, plus grief support groups, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and mobile programs supporting grief, loss and adversity.

“Tomorrow’s Rainbow is a safe place where children feel, often for the first time, understood,” Mosher said.

A team of EAGALA-certified professionals at Tomorrow’s Rainbow provide equine-assisted psychotherapy for those struggling with an array of mental health challenges, including trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

“Equine-assisted therapy is recognized globally for its profound impact on physical, emotional and psychological well-being,” said Wellington resident Jackie Ducci, founder of the Human-Animal Alliance.

Ducci recently visited Tomorrow’s Rainbow to meet Rocky and River and see them settled in their new home. “Horses are deeply intuitive and have a remarkable ability to help humans heal. Organizations like Tomorrow’s Rainbow epitomize the power of human-animal connection in the services they provide, and we are honored to support their program again this year,” Ducci said.

Ducci personally covers the Human-Animal Alliance’s overheads to ensure that every dollar donated goes directly to the charitable projects it selects for grants. Every project is researched and evaluated before being selected as a grant recipient.

The Human-Animal Alliance provides grants to exceptional, yet often overlooked, nonprofit organizations that support and enhance the human-animal connection. Programs receiving funding are identified nationwide through an extensive sourcing and screening process. The alliance also supports relevant legislative policy initiatives and educates the public on the importance of human animal connection. For more information, visit or call (561) 485-0445.


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