PBOI Completes First Case Using X-Twist Fixation System

Dr. John Hinson

The Palm Beach Orthopedic Institute recently announced that Dr. John Hinson has made a significant advancement in orthopedic surgery by completing his first procedure using the X-Twist Fixation System with biocomposite anchors.

Hinson, a board-certified specialist in orthopedic care, will now be able to offer patients tissue-to-bone repairs that rely on a clinically proven, non-permanent suture anchor, which provides early repair strength as well as safe resorption and replacement with new bone over time.

The X-Twist Fixation System with biocomposite suture anchor represents a leap forward in shoulder preservation. Hinson’s successful procedure showcases the system’s versatile applications, which include advanced techniques from single or double-row repairs to knotless and fully knotted constructs for soft tissue to bone repairs.

“It is important to embrace innovation in orthopedics to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes,” Hinson said. “Utilizing the X-Twist Fixation System allows us to perform at an advanced level of care. I am committed to learning the latest in orthopedic medicine and solutions, especially if it will offer my patients an improved quality of life and a swift return to their daily activities.”

Celebrated for his expertise in the complex conditions of the shoulder and elbow, Hinson understands the physical demands that professional athletes, such as golfers and baseball players, place on their bodies and the repetitive movements of people every day. His approach to treatment combines state-of-the-art technology with comprehensive care.

Beyond his clinical practice, Hinson is recognized for his contributions to orthopedic literature. He has been published on various orthopedic topics. Patients under his care can expect treatment informed by the latest technological advancements and proficiency in academic and clinical experience.

To learn more about Dr. John Hinson and the X-Twist Fixation System, visit www.pboi.com.