Peggy Adams TNVR Spay Day June 8

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League will hold its first TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) Spay Day for 2024 on Saturday, June 8. The goal is to TNVR more than 500 community cats. These surgeries include spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, microchip and a left ear tip to signify a completed TNVR surgery.

A team of veterinarians will perform an average of 100 surgeries per hour. This community TNVR Spay Day will bring veterinary professionals across Florida to perform surgeries. Volunteers will work alongside Peggy Adams’ staff and perform duties throughout the event.

TNVR has been shown to be the least costly, most effective and humane way of stabilizing and decreasing community cat populations.

“Completing these spay/neuter surgeries on community cats will have a tremendous impact on the lives of many free-roaming cats in Palm Beach County and all of South Florida by controlling population growth and slowing the flood of homeless kittens into our shelters,” said Sue Berry, CEO of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

The regular cost of spay/neuter services for one cat is $90. However, all community cats brought to Peggy Adams for this event will be sterilized and vaccinated free of charge. Peggy Adams has traps available to loan (with a refundable deposit) for the event. All cats must come in a trap, and traps should be covered with a sheet or a towel with one cat per trap (no cats in carriers can be accepted).

Online registration is recommended to facilitate faster check-in. Walk-ins will be accepted if space allows. To register, visit