Walk/Bike To School Day At WES

Wellington Councilwoman Amanda Silvestri leads the crowd to school.

The sidewalks on Big Blue Trace were crowded on Wednesday, May 8 when Wellington Elementary School participated in National Walk/Bike to School Day. Staff, students and their families showed up bright and early for an energetic start to the day.

Councilwoman Amanda Silvestri was happy to be a part of the event, which started as the crowd gathered in front of Temple Beth Torah at 7:15 a.m. The walk/bike event began at 7:30 a.m. When the children arrived at school, they received prizes and a drink. More than 400 children participated.

Encouraging children to walk/bike to school is a way to instill in them the active habits that can contribute to a lifelong, healthy lifestyle. In addition to the many health benefits, there are also intangible benefits as well. Many parents who have participated say that it has been a valuable way to spend time with their children and to socialize with other parents and neighbors. Also, it cuts down on traffic and pollution.