Human-Animal Alliance Supports Military Members And Their Pets

Keeping military members and pets together is important for health and well-being.

The Human-Animal Alliance recently announced two campaigns to keep military personnel united with their pets. The first campaign will provide foster care and emergency medical support to animals of active-duty military members during deployments, and the second will cover pet deposits for veterans in need of affordable, pet-friendly housing.

Some 67 percent of the United States population own at least one pet. The number of service members owning animals is comparable. But being in service often brings a unique set of challenges in pet ownership, including lack of care options for pets while owners are deployed, leading to animals being surrendered to shelters or euthanized. The Human-Animal Alliance is offering solutions, providing military members with foster care opportunities and financial support. Funds raised will keep military pets safe, well-cared for and united with their owners.

“Military personnel often rely on their animals as a main source of emotional support post-deployment,” said Jackie Ducci, founder of the Wellington-based Human-Animal Alliance. “Many veterans have even stated that their deep connections to their pets have prevented suicide attempts and, quite literally, saved their lives. The bonds that military members share with animals before, during and after deployment are valuable beyond measure, and we are doing everything we can to protect them.”

Keeping people and their animals together has been central to the Human-Animal Alliance’s mission for years. In 2022, grants were given to the charity Harley’s Hope to cover vet bills, pet food and other pet expenses to families on the brink of being forced to surrender their animals due to financial hardship.

“The issue of owner surrenders is heartbreaking and, in many cases, preventable,” Ducci said. “This Memorial Day, we ask the public to recognize the importance of keeping military members and their beloved animals united, and to please join us in preventing animal surrenders by donating to the cause.”

The Human-Animal Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose overheads are privately funded so that every dollar donated from the public goes directly to helping humans and animals. Donations can be made at