PBC Food Bank And Junior League Team Up To End ‘Period Poverty’

The Junior League delivers period supplies to the Palm Beach County Food Bank as part of a new partnership.

The Junior League of the Palm Beaches (JLPB) has a new ally in the fight against “period poverty.” By teaming up with the Palm Beach County Food Bank, JLPB will not only establish a new home for its Period Supply Bank but also significantly increase its reach, ensuring more women and girls have access to essential period supplies.

“Our partnership with JLPB on the Period Supply Bank is a testament to the power of community collaboration. Together, we are breaking down barriers to ensure that no one in Palm Beach County has to choose between food and essential hygiene products. We are deeply grateful for the league’s commitment to tackling period poverty and their unwavering support in nourishing our community’s health and well-being,” Palm Beach County Food Bank CEO Jamie Kendall said.

Founded in 2019, the Alliance for Period Supplies at JLPB has, to date, distributed more than 700,000 period supply products to people in need in South Florida by partnering with more than 25 allied nonprofit organizations. This issue is critical in the United States where two in five women struggle to purchase period products due to a lack of income. In addition, nearly one-third of low-income women have reported missing work, school or similar commitments due to a lack of access to period supplies.

“We are grateful to expand our partnership with the Palm Beach County Food Bank. Our members have volunteered with their food pantry for years, and now we can combat food insecurity and period poverty together. The need for women in our county is great, and adding to our distribution channels is vital to meeting their needs,” JLPB President Chelsea Bellew said.

Laura Russell, a past JLPB president, helped the league secure the partnership with the Food Bank. The partnership will provide storage for the many pallets of donated period supplies that the league manages, a means for league members to package the supplies for individual distribution, and access to more women in need.

The Alliance for Period Supplies at JLPB is dedicated to supporting individuals, children and families who struggle to afford basic material needs, including period supplies. JLPB plans to continue to expand its program by increasing awareness of the national and state issues of period poverty, expanding its local community outreach program, and partnering with more organizations interested in contributing charitable donations to fund its period supply bank.