Tiny But Mighty STEM Project At Polo Park Middle School

Teacher Kim Stalker’s sixth-grade engineering students impressed everyone on Thursday, May 23 with their Tiny House exhibit.

Stalker’s students, also known as the “STEM Stalkers,” spent the entire fourth quarter learning how to architecturally plan and design their houses.

These future engineers and architects took on the challenging task of planning and drawing blueprints and created full floor plans using architectural computer programs.

They progressed from initial designs all the way to constructing their final 3D models. These models were inspired by the tiny house movement, emphasizing efficient and sustainable living with scaled-down floorplans.

The students were able to explore their creative side while honing-in on their technical skills. Through this hands-on experience, they learned valuable lessons about resource and time management, the challenges of design, collaboration with peers and presentation skills.

“It was truly amazing seeing the kids so proud of all the work they put in this year, and I loved that they were able to show it off,” Stalker said. “These were skills that they never thought that they would be able to do, and they’re really doing them. It excites me for what is to come for next year and beyond.”