Tutoring Support And Collaboration From Recent PBCHS Grad Helps Student Succeed

Before he graduated this past spring, Randy Sabina was a Palm Beach Central High School student enrolled in the Latinos in Action (LIA) program. He provided tutoring to Fabrizio, an English Language Learner (ELL) student at Wynnebrook Elementary School in West Palm Beach, a pairing that fostered a bond that helped Fabrizio succeed academically.

“When we began tutoring, I felt a bit apprehensive,” Sabina recalled. “Helping younger kids who truly needed assistance was scary at first. However, once I met the kids I was tutoring, like Fabrizio, everything changed. Fabrizio had a great sense of humor; he dubbed me ‘Mr. Man,’ and I affectionately called him ‘Little Man.’ This playful exchange unexpectedly made our connection stronger.”

Fabrizio faced some academic challenges, but thanks to Sabina’s dedication and encouragement, as well as the efforts of Fabrizio’s teacher Monica Hernandez, Fabrizio was motivated to strive for improvement.

“The essence of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ underscores the collective responsibility in and supporting the growth of every student in my classroom,” Hernandez said. “This was particularly true this year with a very bright and amazing student who needed lots of support and encouragement.”

There was an outpouring of gratitude and joy during the last tutoring session when Sabina and Hernandez finally got the chance to meet. They embraced each other, celebrating the student’s success they had helped make possible. It was a moment that captured the power of teamwork, collaboration and overcoming obstacles in learning.

“Initially, tutoring Fabrizio presented challenges,” Sabina said. “Despite our rapport, he struggled to focus during our sessions. To break through, I started asking him about his interests and discovering our shared love for sports, shows and movies. Approaching him as I would have approached myself at his age, I shared tips that had helped me in the past. Surprisingly, they worked. Fabrizio is incredibly bright, he just needed guidance in focusing.”

Sabina also incorporated games to improve Fabrizio’s concentration, noticing that Fabrizio completed tasks quickly when he focused, surpassing Sabina’s expectations. Over time, Fabrizio developed a strong work ethic, by independently tackling challenges.

“Witnessing his intelligence and determination was inspiring. His progress filled me with immense pride,” Sabina said. “Fabrizio’s journey taught me the power of perseverance and patience in education.”

Sabina and Hernandez’s efforts is a testament to the positive benefits that come from individuals working together to support students. It also highlights the importance of encouraging a sense of community and collaboration within educational institutions.

“Collaboration among students is a powerful tool for learning, which enriches the learning experience and also cultivates a sense of community and mutual support among students,” said Carlene Rejc, the Single School Culture Coordinator at Wynnebrook.

“We are immensely proud of Fabrizio’s academic success and the role that each person involved played in helping him achieve it,” added Adriana Pabon, the LIA teacher at Palm Beach Central.

During each of their tutoring sessions, there was plenty of enthusiasm by Sabina and Fabrizio, evidence that fun and learning was taking place simultaneously. Fabrizio’s accomplishments showed that when students receive support and guidance, they not only thrive academically but also develop the necessary skills and mindset for lifelong success.

“It was such a joy to see the transformation that Fabrizio made while working with his buddy, Randy,” Hernandez said. “Fabrizio’s smile lit up the room when he came back into the classroom ready to share his fun learning experience he had with his tutor. Randy’s fun spirit and patience were the keys to helping Fabrizio succeed. This experience will empower Fabrizio for a lifetime.”


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