TKA Appoints New Prefect Council

The King’s Academy recently announced the selection of its 2016-17 Prefect Council. The council is made up of senior leaders who possess an uncompromising commitment to the school’s values and ideals. To be considered, students must submit a nomination form, go through an interview, and be selected by a team of administrators and teachers. The Prefect Council helps to oversee all areas of student life with emphasis on service not privilege. Prefect Council members include: Academic Prefects Alexis Graves and Carissa Martin; Athletic Prefects Jacob Brodnick, James (Alex) Brown and Olivia Mattessich; Service Prefects Christian Guida and Catherine Hannan; Spiritual Life Prefects Mason Boudreaux, Grace Brintnall, Victoria Kalloo and Jennifer Spell; Student Life Prefects Stephanie Barrett and Thomas Lukas; Unity Prefects Brianne Dunn and Kristina Martin; and Fine Arts Prefects Rhys Lowe and Summer McCarty.