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Letter: Bennett: I’m Already Working On Your Behalf

By at August 26, 2016 | 12:01 am | Print

Last year, I spoke to several of Florida’s political leaders urging me to seek the office of State Representative in House District 86.

I accepted this challenge, and my platform became based upon the district’s concerns and needs: “FETCH V” — which stands for Families, Education, Transportation, Communities, Healthcare and the V is for Veterans. With my CSE degree, I have worked for top 10 companies (PSA Pratt & Whitney, Motorola, Harris TSS and Sun Microsystems) and at two local hospitals.

Thus, like you, I am well aware of the concerns for high-paying jobs, great education for all, healthcare costs and concerns, a safe and secure environment, the need for clean and abundant water, low traffic congestion and veterans care.

However, I am not waiting to be elected to do something! If you want someone who has been actively working for you already and does more than talk or join groups to become elected, then I’m your candidate.

Here’s why:

I have stood up for the economic development and government affairs groups for the local chamber of commerce in the past, been a member of the local business community, the Western Business Alliance and the Network Business Alliance, and have worked to support the State Road 7 endeavor, the equestrian park in Wellington, and I support the roundabouts vs. traffic lights in Loxahatchee, as well as tax money going to the appropriate places.

Now, I am pleased to announce the passing of a House bill that will cover Agent Orange Navy Vietnam Veterans and the coverage and benefits for C123 Air Force personnel.

The bill for the Navy veterans has passed the House (H.R. 969) but has been stalled in the Senate. I have listed the two senators on my web site (www.laurel-bennett.com and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ElectLaurelBennett) that are holding up the Senate passing the bill and have brought to light the 11,500 men on appeal at the VA and the 76,000 awaiting care. Air Force C123 flight crew, field crew and medical crew should apply now for benefits as the law was passed finally!

As an educator and parent, I have taught at NEIT, PBSC and tutored math and science at H.L. Johnson. I’m against Common Core (and any new name it’s under) and I would like to see Florida schools return to emphasizing academics rather than attitudes, testing and social agendas. I have my AS, BS and MBA with a concentration in healthcare, and it is my goal to see Florida schools set the standard for education, not try to measure up to it.

As our population increases, and new developments are approved, we need to look at the infrastructure (roads, additional police, sewage and water) and who is going to pay for these. I don’t believe current residents should pay.

We must have clean, abundant water for all and a way out in the case of a disaster. I supported and will continue to support the SR 7 extension and look for ways to provide clean water without impacting the Everglades and the environment.

Additionally, veteran’s care, although this is a federal issue, needs to be addressed. We have 1.4 million veterans in Florida, and that impacts our economy. The police protect you locally, but the military and veterans protect this nation within and outside this great nation of ours. Why not add a link on our .gov web site that will link up a law firm, DAV, VFW and patient advocate for the veteran once he clicks on it? This team will enable the veteran to receive his benefits, which will benefit our state as well.

I’m endorsed by almost all of your candidates who I have asked (Brian Mast, Rick Kozell, Carl Domino, Mark Freeman, Rick Sessa (sheriff candidate), Paul and Christine Spain, Rick Roth, Austin Segal, Sonny Maken, as well as the Wellington Tea Party members, local Republican Executive Committee members and Boca through Broward REC members, as well as many doctors and small businesses.

If you want someone in your back pocket who is already working for you, then vote for Laurel Bennett on Aug. 30 in the Republican primary for House District 86. I promise to keep working on the issues that concern you and your communities.

Laurel Bennett, Royal Palm Beach


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  1. Charles Punches, 5 months ago

    Laurel, the first time I met you, at a Wellington Tea Party meeting shortly after you had filed, I asked you the question “What makes you a better candidate than Stuart Mears”. Your response was swift, “That’s a great question”, then you went on to immediately talk about veterans and the VA. While issues about veteran affairs are a serious issue, it is not really a State issue. At the end of our discussion, I was still left wondering what would make you a better candidate than Stuart Mears. I have yet to see anything that would make you a better representative. While I’m sure that you have received many enthusiastic nods of approval for your campaign, I would be interested in seeing the actual endorsements from many of the people that you mentioned above.

  2. Stuart Mears, Candidate Florida House, District 86, 5 months ago

    Thank you for setting the record straight.

  3. Webster.RPB, 5 months ago

    I know Ms. Bennett well and know that her comments on working as an EFFECTIVE member of the Chamber of Government Affairs committee and other committees is simply not true. She makes false comments on her credentials and, as the above comment by Sonny Maken states, she is extremely misleading. I also know for a fact that all of these individuals have NOT endorsed her. Her opponent is a lifelong resident of PBC and a veteran and knows your issues well. He will serve you with honor and dignity.

    • Stuart Mears, Candidate Florida House, District 86, 5 months ago

      Thank you Martha for your confidence in me and your kind words.

  4. Sonny Maken, 5 months ago

    I take issue with State House District 86 candidate Laurel Bennett’s claim that I endorsed her candidacy and I wish to correct the record. As a candidate myself on the November 8th ballot for Port of Palm Beach Commissioner, Group 3, (and a registered Democrat) it would make no sense for me to endorse any candidate in this primary race. As well, candidates claiming such support are required to have endorsements in writing, and no such document exists as I have not endorsed this candidate.