Letter: Re-Elect Dave Swift In RPB

Having worked in both state and county government, as well as serving for five years on the village’s Planning & Zoning Commission, I gladly support Dave Swift as the most qualified and experienced candidate running for Seat 2.

Throughout my experience, I have known Dave to be fair and balanced, and not swayed by political pressures or special interests. Dave listens to the residents and will support their position to the council.

A case in point was his opposing vote for the 16-pump RaceTrac gas station located at the southern entrance to our village. (Dave’s opponent voted for it.) He also opposed the commercial development on the old wastewater treatment plant property. (Dave’s opponent voted for it.)

Through his 29 years of experience as councilman and vice mayor, Dave Swift has a proven record of service to the village residents, including ensuring reduced taxes and improved services for 19 consecutive years. Currently, RPB has $87.9 million in reserves and the village is debt-free.

During his tenure, he has voted to construct or improve 22 village parks (including Veterans Park and Commons Park), baseball complexes, soccer fields, the village boat ramp, 17 miles of bicycle paths and new amenities (e.g., the amphitheater and the ADA kayak facility) scheduled for construction in Commons Park this year.

If you appreciate adequate roadways, low taxes, good schools and public services, outstanding police and fire protection and numerous parks and recreation programs, know that Dave Swift played a key role in providing all these amenities through his work as your village councilman.

When you vote on March 14, I strongly urge voters to return Dave Swift to the village council for another two years to serve our community.

Barbara Powell, Royal Palm Beach


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