Letter: Independence Vs. Lawsuit

Perhaps the greatest document ever written is the Declaration of Independence. That is what we have been fighting for since the grand jury proposed an “independent inspector general,” and here we are once again fighting for independence.

We have fought from day one to leave the county commissioners out of this process, so we can truly have an independent inspector general; but along the way, the road has been littered with ideas to curtail her independence.

This latest plan to exempt 46 different types of contracts from the proposed payment system is the worst idea to date.

What are you doing trying to pick winners and losers? Who is worthy of a deal and who is not? You will have stated who you get along with and who you could care less about.

This cannot stand! We need an independent inspector general. How can she investigate the cherished 46 you deem worthy of an exemption? You can’t and you shouldn’t even think along those lines. You open yourselves up to scrutiny in the worst way.

There is only one way, equality for all, not just for the chosen few.

In reality, if you adopt this concept, you are putting the entire fiscal burden on the remaining contracts, because your mandate lets you increase the percentage of the contractors fees to any percentage you want, in order to properly fund the inspector general.

Wellington’s mayor just lost an election for opposing the inspector general. Will you ever hear the 72 percent of the voters? Get this issue over with, and give us the independent inspector general we voted for.

Morley Alperstein, Wellington