Letter: Listen To The Residents

Over the yelling of special interests on all sides, the residents of Wellington have had the last and loudest word, and they are to be commended. No matter whom they voted for or which side of an issue they fall, they got engaged, and when the polls opened, they took time out of their busy lives to cast their vote. In record numbers they got involved in their community, and we should listen to what they said.

I think it is insulting to infer that anyone who voted cast their vote based on the single influence of one side. I think the residents of Wellington heard the arguments on all the issues, the pro-development business interest and the preservation-minded residents. It’s a small town, and the well-funded political committees on both sides easily got their side of the argument out into the public conscience.

On Election Day, the residents made their decision. Over 5,000 people voted in this election, and the majority in all three races voted to preserve what makes Wellington unique. It is not good versus evil or right versus wrong. In the end, all that matters is that the residents of Wellington took the time to get involved and have spoken with their vote. All we need to do now is start listening and install the candidates they elected.

Mat Forrest, Executive Director, Wellington Equestrian Preservation Alliance