Letter: Many Benefits To ‘Obamacare’

Republicans call “Obamacare’s” individual mandate an assault on freedom, but you already make mandatory payments for police and fire protection. Obamacare’s cost is for another protection — against health problems.

Republicans warn that the plan inserts bureaucrats between you and your doctor. But there are already insurance company bureaucrats seeking to deny coverage. That’s how they profit. But as those on Medicare know, the goal of government-run programs is to treat you, not desert you.

Obamacare already keeps college students on their parents’ plans, insures children with pre-existing conditions, shrinks the Medicare donut hole for seniors and bans lifetime treatment caps. And the best provisions are yet to come.

Don’t let the GOP return you to the mercy of private insurers. Decades from now, you’ll be just as thankful for Obamacare as for Social Security and Medicare. Support Obamacare — and tell your friends you do.

Jay Schleifer, Wellington