Letter: Petition Carriers Should Stop Harassing Us

How many times has a volunteer for the equestrian petition visited your home? Over the past four weeks, five people representing the equestrian petition have come to my home urging me to sign their petition. Five times we have told them no, that we do not agree with what they are advocating. But they will not take no for an answer.

This group has continued to badger the residents in our community who do not agree with them. What happened to our rights? This group is harassing citizens who do not agree with them.

One of their major points expressed by this group is that the Wellington Village Council cannot pass any items unless there is a “unanimous yes” vote. This group wants to take away the rights of individuals to make decisions based on their convictions. The Constitution of the United States provides us with the freedom of choice but this group does not want that. This petition would basically put Wellington under a “dictatorship.” Merriam-Webster defines “dictatorship” as a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique.

It is time for the non-equestrian community to make their voices heard. Let the council know that they represent the people of Wellington, not just the equestrian community. The council needs to be accountable to all of the residents, not just those who can pour thousands of dollars into their campaign.

Kathy Stone, Wellington