Letter: Support Plan To Reduce Oil Consumption

The Union of Concerned Scientists has developed a plan to cut America’s projected oil consumption in half by 2030 by boosting the fuel economy of our vehicles, producing clean biofuels, expanding public transportation options, and investing in the next generation of advanced vehicles that no longer rely exclusively on oil.

The Obama administration has taken action to cut U.S. oil use by moving forward with strong new fuel efficiency and global warming emissions standards. These standards can save consumers thousands of dollars while cutting America’s oil dependence by 3.5 million barrels per day in 2030, which is more oil than we currently import from Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

This is an important first step, but we can and must do more. The Union of Concerned Scientists Oil Savings plan includes a suite of solutions to save consumers billions at the gas pump; provide for a safer, more diverse American energy future; and put the United States squarely in the driver’s seat as a leader in addressing global climate change.

The United States cannot drill its way to energy independence when we consume over 20 percent of the world’s petroleum, yet hold about 2 percent of the proven oil reserves.

Elsy Shallman, The Acreage