Letter: Rude People At ‘Beatles’ Concert

My husband and I attended Beatlemaniax’s “A Tribute to the Beatles” in Wellington on Saturday, Feb. 18. The concert was wonderful. The band was phenomenal. The weather was postcard perfect.

We arrived about 30 minutes early, set up our chairs, met a really nice man who lived in Wellington. Everything was wonderful until three minutes before the band started, when three adults and one child came and spread their blanket next to us. They proceeded to talk through the entire concert. The louder the music got, the louder they got. One of the men actually had his back to the concert. The couple in front of them left at intermission. We were able to move our chairs over but still not out of earshot.

Why do people insist on going to concerts, movies, etc. and talking through and over the entertainment? If you want to socialize, go to a restaurant, go to a bar or stay at home. Please, don’t ruin the experience for those around you.

Dawn Hamilton, The Acreage