Letter: Arrest Vandalism Suspects

This letter is in reference to the crime news article “Several Acreage Homes Report Mailbox Vandalism,” in the April 13 Town-Crier. I was dismayed and surprised to read that there were no suspects in the mailbox vandalism on 40th Street (southern part of The Acreage).

This event actually took place on Saturday, April 7 around 3:30 a.m. There were suspects. Three of them. Two over 18 years old (per one of the deputies). To say otherwise is erroneous at best. Our mailbox was the last one of several that were vandalized on 40th Street that morning. I called the PBSO at 3:45 a.m. after I heard banging sounds and an ATV starting up by my house at my mailbox area. Video surveillance recording that shows three white males in a small ATV was given to the three deputies who showed up right away, and again to another who showed up later during the day.

The one who gave us the case information form when he and the other two deputies came to my house very early that morning, actually called on April 12 to tell me that he spoke to the 19-year-old suspect who lives on 126th Street just north of 40th Street, and that he also spoke to the parents of the other two suspects, one of whom lives on Coconut Blvd. close to 40th Street and the other in Royal Palm Beach. So why talk to these people if they are not suspects? They should have been arrested — at least the one who is probably the leader in all of this.

One of the victims didn’t bother calling the PBSO. I understand why now. This has been going on for far too long. We have had everything from our mailbox being blown up (twice), to graffiti on our fence several times. Case information forms were always given, but only one arrest made. The arrest was for a drunk 32-year-old man who decided to stick his arm into our secured mailbox and then couldn’t get his arm out and proceeded to kick it out of control while cursing loudly. One has to wonder why is this being allowed to continue. Where’s the accountability? The PBSO needs to step up and do the right thing.

I would advise everyone to install a good quality infrared video surveillance camera facing their mailbox, so when the vandals come back, we have the necessary evidence for an arrest. A proximity alarm wouldn’t be a bad idea. Wake up the whole neighborhood and maybe they will think twice before doing harm yet again.

Christine Boyette, The Acreage