Letter: Laugh Out Loud Cancelled

I would like to start off by thanking all those people who appreciate and attended Laugh Out Loud at the Wellington Amphitheater in the past. Unfortunately, Wellington decided to cancel future scheduled comedy events. It seems that the one or two complaints that some of the material may have crossed over the “PG” line carries more weight than the hundreds of people who have been coming every month to enjoy our local comics and occasional club headliner that have done spots during our comedy series.

Albeit, we have promoted as family-friendly, and the performers have known to keep it clean, which on the most has been accomplished. The powers that be who run the scheduling feel that those two or three phone calls (as far as we have been told) seem to carry too much weight.

We started this comedy showcase back in 2010 and after a few rain outs and cold weather, we were starting to regularly attract over 120 people to enjoy a free night out in the community. We were put on hiatus for the summer, for an unknown reason, which seemed strange being that we were on a roll and the crowd was expecting our monthly event.

After starting back up in the fall of 2011, we had to once again build up the attendance to where we attracted around 100 people. I respect the decision of those creating the event schedule, but do not understand why they would disband the event when it seems the only events put on by the village that attracts a decent crowd are the tribute performances. Once again, I appreciate the support from the community and the comedians who have been part of Laugh Out Loud. I do, however, urge those who would like to see this type of family comedy showcase to continue to contact the Village of Wellington and let them know you would like for them to put comedy back on the schedule.

Peter Wein, Wellington