Letter: No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Wellington Mayor Bob Margolis voiced his opinion in the Town-Crier that our senior citizens are not worthy to receive the $51,000 check that Wellington presents to the Wellington Seniors Club.

He said we should not be getting free lunches at our monthly meetings. This is outrageous. When Mr. Margolis was a council member, he did not object to free lunches at meetings. Why his concern now?

Wellington provides for our children by building ball parks, playgrounds, etc. Why, we even have a dog park. I love that our town places such importance on recreational activities for all our citizens.

Mr. Margolis evidently doesn’t think that our senior population deserves the same consideration. Many of the senior citizens who attend the club’s luncheon meetings do not have any other form of socializing. They look forward to the monthly afternoon of companionship and entertainment. The money is also used to subsidize their dinner/show outings, dinner dances (otherwise unaffordable), the monthly Golden Banner newsletter (in print now for 13 years) that is mailed to all its members and many more activities for our senior members — 592 to date.

By the way, Mr. Margolis, you are mistaken: The Wellington Seniors Club Board of Directors is not given free lunch at its monthly work meetings. They are all volunteers who work very hard and expend many hours to make our club the success that it is. Oh, yes, they do have coffee and bagels. Do you object to that as well?

Barbara Powers, Wellington