Letter: Support For SR7 Extension

While I do not always agree with the decisions made by the Palm Beach County Commission, the plan to extend State Road 7 to Northlake Blvd. makes sense to me. The objectors who raise environmental concerns were apparently bused to the recent meeting by community organizer and mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio.

The organized mob of protestors wearing “Protect Our Water” T-shirts expressed concern that a single event that might occur, such as a truck spill, might endanger the entire water supply of West Palm Beach.

But the Astroturf movement orchestrated by Mayor Muoio did not deter Commissioner Jess Santamaria. His district includes the western communities, which will enjoy the benefit of easy access and less traffic congestion.

Mayor Muoio complained about spending tax dollars on this project and used tax dollars to pay for the T-Shirt brigade. Muoio and her attorney apparently spent $2,000 tax dollars on a junket to Washington, D.C., to kill the extension project, and several thousand dollars on buses to transport her army of Astroturf “volunteers.”

Muoio, acting on the advice of “experts,” organized a show of force perhaps to intimidate. She failed. We elect representatives to make intelligent choices… We elect representatives that are charged with the duty to make wise and sometimes unpopular decisions. I believe in less government, but police protection and public infrastructure are proper governmental activities. Kudos to the commissioners who did not bend to the will of a well-organized opposition.

Frank Morelli, Wellington