Letter: John Goodman Appeal A Farce

Is this a great country or what? Where else can you be convicted of driving drunk, killing the victim by leaving the scene and letting him drown, then hiring a lawyer who creates an absurd defense, disgracing himself and his profession, next putting the judge and jury on trial? Then John Goodman is being released on bond practically the next business day.

While I would have preferred that the jury was sequestered and Mr. Goodman denied bail, I believe that Judge [Jeffrey] Colbath was courageous in his conviction and has done our legal system a great service.

Some people state that John Goodman is a good person. I would prefer to have known Scott Wilson. The settlement came from the insurance company, not Mr. Goodman. Conspicuous by this absence was Mr. Goodman’s ex-wife, his children and oh yes, his adopted daughter.

Now we face a long appeal, at great expense to us taxpayers and possibly a new trial. John Goodman knows what he did, as does Roy Black. They are using money to avoid justice.

Peter Granata, Wellington