Letter: Tennis Center Is Run Extremely Well

I would like to address the letter written by Mr. Corey Goldstein, “proud Wellington resident” (“Wellington Needs To Hire A1A Tennis,” April 27).

While I have no doubt Mr. Goldstein is a tennis player, I would like to point out that Mr. Goldstein does not play nor is he a member of the Wellington Tennis Center. If he were, he would realize that his comments have no validity. I have been a member at this wonderful facility for about 10 years.

His main area of “concern” seemed to be the lack of or under-usage at this club. I would like to mention a few of the organized leagues: Currently we have nine women’s daytime teams (of all levels), five men’s, two palm leagues, two USTA and one women’s senior team. In addition, we have organized night events on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with once-a-month Friday night round-robins. Not to mention the new and wonderful addition of the USTA 10 & Under Tennis Program that has more than doubled in one year! I am sure I haven’t mentioned everything; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Putting aside the organized events and teams, we have a terrific group of members who go out and play every day. The courts are full each morning and evening with people enjoying great tennis, as well as spending time with wonderful friends. Like any sport, the middle of the afternoons may not have as many participants. During this time the courts are maintained and readied for evening play. I find it interesting that while the soccer, baseball, roller hockey and the like sit empty all day, every day, no one seems to think they are being underutilized. Why is that?

Mr. Goldstein mentions some approaches to attracting more players to our facility, utilizing “name” players to demonstrate the benefits of playing, so that they may interact with youngsters and seniors. Mr. Goldstein, we have awesome tennis pros at our facility. We have organized clinics, private, group or semi-private lessons available all day long. I think I can speak for most: We don’t want to interact; we want to play tennis.

Tommy Cheatham has been at the tennis center since 1999. Under Tommy’s direction, combining his commitment and dedication to the community with his business sense as well as his love and knowledge of the sport, this facility has blossomed and grown into a crown jewel for the Village of Wellington.

Joanne Sullivan, Wellington