Letter: Too Early To Unfairly Judge New Council

I have seen sour grapes before, but Steve Haughn’s letter last week is better classified as “the grapes of wrath” (“Congratulations, Now What?”). Our new council has not been in office for a month, and he degrades some of them.

Mr. Haughn states that Councilman Matt Willhite (and I quote) is “against everything and every issue,” and my reply is the voters didn’t think so; he received the largest majority of all the votes.

Matt Willhite saved us millions (at minimum $7 million) by not acquiescing and giving away the K-Park site for a public university that guaranteed few jobs, no real time frame to build soon at all and, lastly, no property tax income for the property for Wellington. Instead, the university is now paying for property right across from Wellington off Southern Blvd., so that we get the proximity, the $7 million saved and no traffic or other issues — sounds like a win-win for Wellington. Thanks, Matt.

On the recent equestrian issue, once again Mr. Willhite has shown to represent the people of Wellington, not the developer. A huge hotel/condo and outrageous commercialism will be put on hold, and perhaps some compromise will be found, inclusive (I hope) of the developer addressing the widening of South Shore Blvd. and Lake Worth Road to accommodate the admitted extra traffic, instead of the citizens of Wellington paying those millions. Thanks again, Matt.

In these trying times, when people are losing their businesses and homes, it was/is correct for Mayor Bob Margolis to look at the status quo in regard to the Boys & Girls Club, village donations and loan guarantees. I couldn’t think of a better charity, but in these times, every taxpayer dollar should be planned and not just given away to a private entity. Certainly an accommodation can be found.

These decisions by both Margolis and Willhite show something to me: It is far more courageous to go against something perhaps deemed popular than it is to acquiesce. Kudos for them for representing all Wellingtonians, not just a few. We should give our new council our support and even assist them. Judgment should be held in abeyance for a while; certainly injudicious accusation and verbal assaults after only 30 days are premature. This is the country that gives people a chance. One month is wholly insufficient to judge their performance.

George Unger, Wellington