Letter: Unger’s Praise Over The Top

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter by George Unger “Way Too Early To Unfairly Judge New Council.”

To respond to Mr. Unger’s claim that a writer from the previous week was suffering from “sour grapes” after the ill-fated Wellington Village Council election results, he is quite wrong! In reality, the feeling that most of us have is not sour grapes but “sour stomachs,” knowing that the electorate was falsely influenced by an individual who had the financial means and personal gain, to spend a fortune on negative and deceitful advertising to discredit our well respected and dedicated Mayor Darell Bowen. Even with the huge sum spent to defeat him, he lost by only a few points.

I have nothing against the newly elected Mayor Bob Margolis or the new councilmen, since they have not had the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of their new seats, but all will be held accountable when spending our tax dollars.

As for the one incumbent, Matt Willhite, he will now likely suffer from the halo effect bestowed upon him by the overzealous writer. From Mr. Unger’s letter, one might assume that Mr. Willhite was a “one-man-show” on the board. But those of us who have kept up with Wellington’s progress for many years and attended recent public meetings know quite well that this is not the case.

Additionally, reading about the huge sums of money Mr. Willhite almost “single-handedly” saved Wellington taxpayers was also quite surprising. Lest we be reminded of the monstrosity of a structure that stands as a so-called “9/11 Memorial,” costing Wellington $500,000 — plus, I am told, approximately $1,000 per month to keep the flame burning? Had the Wellington residents been allowed input, perhaps a more dignified, less expensive and more child-friendly memorial could have been erected on a more appropriate site, also without the additional cost of travel expenses to and from New York several times to “arrange and accompany” the metal structure to Wellington. Perhaps the Boys & Girls Club or some other equally needy organization could have been better served with even half of the cost of that structure, while still honoring our 9/11 heroes and victims. This has been a thorn in the sides of many, but what is done is done. However, in the future, let us be cautious that our praise or criticism of those on the board is actually credible.

It takes a tenacious person to run for office in today’s society, even in local elections, and we do appreciate their time and effort in serving our community. We hope and pray that Mayor Margolis will prove to be a strong and effective leader.

Marge Fitzgerald, Wellington