Taj Mahal Self Storage Focuses On Dependability

Strength and durability is what keeps any infrastructure secure. Taj Mahal Security Self Storage in Wellington was built in 2006 with these principles in mind. With concrete walls, floors, ceilings and roof, its quality is what sets it apart from many other storage facilities in the area, according to Property Manager Richard Hengehold.

“All the glass is hurricane impact glass,” he said. “And we have a security system that has a code to get in and out.”

Hengehold works for Capital Realty Advisors, which manages the entire three-story facility for owners Montecito New York LLC. The facility includes several 1,900-square-foot office units on the first floor for individual businesses, half of which are already occupied, and a self-storage area on the second and third floors. The self-storage facility has 144 storage units that are air-conditioned and humidity controlled.

“The smallest unit we have is a 5-by-7-square-foot unit, and the biggest is a 11-by-20,” Hengehold said. “That’s about the size of a one-car garage for a bigger unit, but our smaller units seem to go faster.”

The storage units are rented out on a month-to-month basis. “We do offer specials for new tenants coming in,” Hengehold said. “We offer pay for a month or pay for a month and a half and get an equal amount free.”

Tenants can store their items as long as needed. “Our tenants we see here are typically long-term — people and businesses that want to store their files, records and furniture,” Hengehold said.

Many individuals who need more space to store things from their garage use the storage unit as extra space. “We get a lot of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other holiday decorations — all the stuff in their garage that they don’t want there, like if they want to get the wife’s car in or patio furniture when a hurricane is coming,” Hengehold said.

Since the facility is in the heart of Wellington, it’s a convenient location for many of the residents in the area. “About 90 percent of our tenants are Wellington residents,” Hengehold said. “It’s easy for them to quickly stop by and access their items, which they can do at any time of the day.”

The tenants are responsible for their own units, from keeping them clean to installing their own locks. “We don’t have access to their items,” Hengehold said. “We just make sure the facility is well maintained.”

It’s Hengehold’s job to cater to his tenants and make sure all their needs are met.

“We focus on giving personal attention to our tenants,” he said. “We’re personal friends with a lot of our tenants. They stop by to say hi and see how we are doing. We get to know them on a personal level and become friendly with them.”

For clients looking for outside storage, the facility also offers a gated and code entry outside storage area in the back. “It’s set up for boats, RVs, trailers, motor coaches, cars, bikes and anything that’s on wheels,” Hengehold said.

The security at the facility is state of the art. “We are lit up like a Christmas tree at night,” Hengehold said. “We have nine video camera recorders. Seven of them are outside, and two of them are inside, and they record 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Taj Mahal Security Self Storage is located at 3220 Fairlane Farms Road in Wellington. For more information, visit www.capitalrealtyadvisors.com or call (561) 753-2980.