Letter: Beware Planned Parenthood

Hooray, hooray — the friendly neighborhood Planned Parenthood has expanded again, and this time it’s into our neighborhood, the western communities. Given that these people suck up hundreds of millions of our tax dollars every year for their business model, let me give you parents out there a forewarning, by asking you four simple questions.

Most parents check the sexual predator registry once in a while just to make sure the neighborhood is still safe. I know I do. My first question is, how would you feel about encountering “someone” in your neighborhood whose main and passionate ambition was specifically to get your kids addicted to sex? Not just addicted to sex, but as intensely active sexually as possible with as many and varied partners as possible — and preferably without you knowing much about it. How would you feel?

Many of us use tools online such as Angie’s List to screen out lousy contractors, mechanics, dentists and other suppliers of services who are shady. My second question is, how would you feel if “someone” in your neighborhood, once they got your child addicted to sex, distributed to your child without your permission or knowledge cheap, low-dosage, low-quality, even no-quality birth control stuff with the message that should this stuff fail, the next step is their invasive surgical “solution.” How would you feel?

My third question is, how would you feel if “someone” who owns a cash-only business jacked hundreds of dollars out of your trembling child’s hands as many times as they can get that birth control to fail in exchange for an expensive, invasive, bloody, painful, surgical procedure with risks as high as death for your child if something goes wrong? How would you feel?

My fourth question is, how would you feel if you encountered “someone” in your neighborhood who is aggressively but covertly working toward preventing you from knowing about or being involved with your child’s most important yet dangerous and traumatizing crisis and choice of their life? How would you feel?

May I introduce and welcome you to that “someone” — the “friendly” neighborhood Planned Parenthood? My dear parents, to be sure, the primary goal of this global corporation called Planned Parenthood is to prey upon your children. They will be aggressively penetrating into your school system to “educate” and evangelize your children to turn only to them, Planned Parenthood, for all their sex stuff needs and problems — and of course they gleefully provide that “final solution” after their products have failed. Forewarned is forearmed. If you truly love your children, you will protect them from this profound but insidious danger. Do your homework.

In actuality, instead of “hooray, hooray; they’ve done it again!” I say beware — beware for danger now lurks in our community.

Daniel Fioramonti