Letter: Don’t Knock Dr. Priore

Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter by George Unger titled “Unger: Priore’s ‘Devastation’ Is Overstated.”

I would like to thank Dr. Carmine Priore for his many years of dedicated service to the Village of Wellington. My husband and I were proud to attend the village’s formal acknowledgement of that service last month and recognize the sacrifice that Dr. Priore and his family generously made for this community. He is a man well known for his integrity and leadership abilities, and we sincerely appreciate all that he has done to help make Wellington the fine, family community that it is today.

What a shame that an unfortunate soul, with apparently too much time on his hands, uses that time to find fault with a successful, retired professional who chose to share his wealth of knowledge and experience for the betterment of his community and family life. Such tripe by the writer is hardly worth noting as it is wasted on the many Town-Crier readers who are quite familiar with Dr. Priore’s long history of accomplishments.

There has not been a more family-friendly, well-orchestrated council than under the leadership of Dr. Priore, former Mayor Darell Bowen and, of course, the village’s first mayor, Kathy Foster. Furthermore, the real facts of “how and why” this new group of council members were elected is well known, old news, though still troubling to the majority of us, especially those who realize they were totally deceived by false information, delivered daily to their mailboxes, in bulk!

I couldn’t help but think that perhaps before attempting to degrade the reputation of one of Wellington’s most popular public servants, the writer — with so much pent up bitterness — should have started the day with a big glass of prune juice.

Marge Fitzgerald


  1. And now he wants Forest Hill to be named after him.LOL.The truth will come out and every dog will have it day.

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